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Foxy Booty Camp™

Are You Ready To Burn Fat Fast?!  Join Our Foxy Booty Camp™ Four-Week Program!

From Inspiration To Motivation - Our Foxy Booty Camp "Four-Week Program", Will Help You Boost Your Metabolism & BURN Fat FAST To Get Lean, Toned & Fit!

Whether You Want To Increase Strength, Flexibility & Cardio Capacity; Decrease Body Fat Percentage Or Develop Balance & Coordination - We Can Help Make It Happen!

From Completely Changing Your Physique To Simply Making Minor Changes & Fine Tuning It......We Promise You Will Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!

Be INSPIRED To "Train"!

Our "Four-Week Program" Is  Suitable For Any & ALL Levels Of Fitness! Everyday Fitness Buffs; Beginner To High-Level Athletes! Perfect For Everyone; Alone Or Invite A Friend!

Our Challenging Four-Week Workout Mixes Full Body High-Intensity Interval Training With Traditional Boot Camp-Style Functional Fitness Workouts!

Interval Drills, Total Body Workout, Abs/Core, Designed To Tone & Condition; Strength, Flexibility & Balance Training, Including Weight TrainingCardio & Plyometric Exercises!

Where ~ Always Held Outdoors!

A Park, Beach Or School Track; Location Varies Depending On City,
All You Need Is Mat, Small Weights, Towel & Plenty Of Water,
Running/Fitness Shoes, Apparel & A Positive Attitude!

Developed For Women, By Women!

Whether You Prefer The Outdoors As An Alternative To Gyms; Are A Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete, Cross-Fitter, Tennis Player, Golfer, Skier, Rock Climber... A Beginner Or A Seasoned Athlete Who Wants To Be Pushed To Your Limits & Move To The Next Level...

Our Foxy Booty Camp "Four-Week Program" By Terri LynnWill Help You Boost Your Metabolism & BURN Fat FAST To Get Lean, Toned & Fit!

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When ~ How Much

New "Four-Week Programs" Starting Monthly!
Days & Times Are Flexible To Meet Groups Needs.

Beginner, Intermediate Or Advance Classes;
Programs Tailored To Meet Groups Needs.

Are You Ready To Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"?  
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Are You An Instructor*, Leader, Entrepreneur & Fitness Enthusiast?

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