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The REDFOX Brand

The REDFOX Brand

All Things "Healthy" Living......Live "The REDFOX Lifestyle"!

REDFOX Fitness Training™ "On-Line"

Do You Want To Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"?!  Join Our REDFOX Fitness Training™ "On-Line" Program!

From Inspiration To Motivation - Terri Lynn & The REDFOX Fitness Training Team, Will Help You Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!

Whether You Want To Increase Strength, Flexibility & Cardio Capacity; Decrease Body Fat Percentage Or Develop Balance & Coordination - We Can Help Make It Happen!

From Completely Changing Your Physique To Simply Making Minor Changes & Fine Tuning It......We Promise You Will Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!

Be INSPIRED To "Get Fit"!

Our Online-Based Sessions Are Suitable For Any & ALL Levels Of Fitness! Everyday Fitness Buffs; Beginner To High-Level Athletes!  Perfect For Everyone!

The Sessions Are "Custom Designed Programs" Based On Individual Fitness Level & Goals.

Our Online-Based Services Include:


Over 20 Years Experience Private Training
ACE Certified & Insured Personal Fitness Trainer
Online-Based Personal Trainer With Phone Support
Functional Fitness Mixed With High-Intensity Interval Training
Custom Designed Program, Routines Based On Your Fitness Level
Interval Drills, Total Body Workout, Abs/Core, Designed To Tone & Condition
Strength, Flexibility & Balance Training, Including Cardio & Plyometric Exercises


Over 20 Years Experience
Certified Fitness Trainer & Health Coach
Certified Lifestyle & Weight-Management Consultant
Online-Based Lifestyle Fitness Coach With Phone Support
Specializing In Women Of All Ages, Phases & Stages Of Life
Exceptional Energy & Motivation To Help You Achieve Your Goals


Over 20 Years Experience
Certified Weight-Management Consultant
Custom Designed Nutrition & Meal "Planning" Program
Online-Based (Including PDF Doc) With Phone Support
Suggestions On Nutritious & Delicious Meal & Snack "Planning"
Assist With Writing Grocery Lists & Making Trips To The Super Market
Recommendations On Good "Healthy" Clean Eating Habits Leading To A Healthier Life

When ~ Where ~ Anytime, Anywhere!

Work Out In The Privacy Of Your Own "Home"!  Anytime You Want! 
Morning, Noon Or Evening!  Whenever Works Best For You! 
All You Need Is Mat, Small Weights & Space!

Developed For Women, By Women!

Whether You Prefer Your Home As An Alternative To A Gym, Are A Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete, Cross-Fitter, Tennis Player, Golfer, Skier, Rock Climber... A Beginner Or A Seasoned Athlete Who Wants To Be Pushed To Your Limits & Move To The Next Level...

Or Maybe You Are On A Budget, But Still Need/Want The Help & Inspiration Of A Certified Personal Trainer To Coach & Motivate You; Hold You Accountable...  Or You Travel, Work Crazy Unpredictable Hours Or Don't Have Access To A Qualified Personal Trainer...

Our Online-Based Personal Training Program Is PERFECT For You! Terri Lynn, & The REDFOX Fitness Training "On-Line" Team, Will Help You Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!  

You Will Receive An "Exclusive" Preset Appointment For Each Online Session; Along With Your Own Preassigned "On-Line" Personal Trainer Who Will Hold You Accountable For Each Online Session That Is Scheduled; Including Your Online Weight-Management Program.

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How Much ~ How Does It Work

New Online-Based "Four-Week Programs" Starting Daily! 
Days & Times Are Flexible To Meet Clients Needs.

Beginner, Intermediate Or Advance Sessions;
Online-Based Programs Tailored To Meet Clients Needs.

We Offer Affordable Online-Based "Four-Week Program" Pricing; 
Have Your Own Highly-Qualified, Expert Personal Trainer At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Are You Ready To Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"?
Contact Us NOW For Rates & To Find Out "How It Works"!  Let's Get Started!

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