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What Are The REDFOX Boot Camp & REDFOX Fitness Training™ Clients Are Saying About Us?

I have been taking TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes for the past six months.  I began because I was tired of looking at Terri Lynn's incredible body & wishing it was mine!  When I first started taking the classes, Terri Lynn asked me what my goals were.  I told her I wanted to increase my muscle tone, strength & energy level, decrease my stress, AND I wanted to have a BOOTY like hers!

The rest is history.  I take TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes at least twice a week, & I have never missed or even been late for a single class...this is because of Terri Lynn!

Terri Lynn motivates & challenges me.  She helps me bring my best to each class.  She cares about me & my success, & puts a tremendous amount of work into making sure I achieve my goals.  She always has a good attitude & a smile on her face, & somehow succeeds in making me laugh at 5:30AM when I'm miserably grumpy & want nothing more than to pour my coffee over her head!  By the time I leave the class at 6:30, I feel so incredible!

Since beginning my fitness routine with TRL REDFOX Boot Camp, I have achieved ALL of my goals: I am toned, I am strong, I am far less tense & my energy level has increased dramatically.  Reaching these goals has effected every aspect of my life.  I look younger, I'm happier, I'm more productive & more creative.  I'm healthier, more disciplined & calmer.  My family & friends want to know what it is I've been doing & why I look so great!  When I tell them, they ask "Where do I sign-up?!!".

I know I will be taking TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes for a long time to come.  I admire Terri Lynn, trust her & willingly place my health in her hands.  With her help, I have set new goals that I'm striving to meet.  I cannot imagine living without what she offers.  The benefits are infinite, & hey, maybe one day I'll have a BOOTY like hers!- MICHELLE M., Los Angeles, CA


Terri Lynn has been my Personal Trainer, Coach/Instructor & Mentor for several years.  She has brought discipline to my workout schedule that I could not have achieved on my own.  Although I have been a member at the local health club for over 12 years, I had never established a schedule of workouts where I could achieve my goals.  My workouts with Terri Lynn & REDFOX Fitness Training are a totally different experience.

I have worked with trainers before; however they have never established a clear program that sustains my interest or generates any personal motivation.  The program that Terri Lynn has established is thorough, efficient & FUN!  Every workout routine is closely monitored by her to insure that I/we complete every "rep" with precise form & timing.  She combines muscle strengthening with stretching & CARDIO to achieve a totally balanced workout with maximum results!

The physical results that we have achieved are far beyond any expectations that I could have imagined.  I also experienced noticeable results with the first 3 months, of training with Terri, & have continued to get stronger, leaner, healthier & achieved significant body tone & definition that I did not believe was achievable.  She has also helped me combine exercise with a balanced nutrition schedule that has produced results that other people around me clearly recognize.

Overall, Terri Lynn has provided me with the motivation to maintain a consistent 3-day per week workout schedule that I am able to fit within an extremely busy career.  Our one-hour workout/class is thorough & extremely efficient, & most important of all, the physical changes & improvement in my health, posture & body strengthening are obvious not only to me but to family & friends as well.

I very highly recommend Terri Lynn's, REDFOX Fitness Training to anyone who is interested in achieving improved cardiovascular & physical conditioning, body-toning & strength on a very efficient basis with significant results achieved in a manner of a few months.  PLUS, I've also taken her Booty Camp classes and they are addicting, although we work extremely hard, we ALWAYS have fun! - SARAH C., New York, NY


I have been training with Terri Lynn, & taking her TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes, for about one year.  Due to the consistency of my workouts, working with Terri Lynn 3 days a week, & sometimes more, my stamina has improved while increasing muscle tone, & decreasing body fat.  I love Terri Lynn's physique, she is in unbelievable shape, & I want to model myself after her.  I want her fit, toned & amazing "booty"!

Terri Lynn, & TRL REDFOX Boot Camp, have been the motivating influence in helping me to get in shape.  I've lost 37 pounds in six months & I am leaner, stronger, happier & healthier.  

Her eager attitude & exceptional enthusiasm has made working out enjoyable which I never thought was possible. I plan to continue to workout with Terri Lynn for a LONG time to come. 

I don't know what I would do without her guidance & coaching.  She is the absolute BEST instructor & mentor.  I highly recommend her & TRL REDFOX Boot Camp classes!  They are so fun & I've made so many great friends that have helped motivate & push me to achieve my goals!  I work hard every class, but know that I couldn't do it without Terri Lynn's help! - RACHEL A., San Francisco, CA